• Mrs Küenzi Bin


  • Leader

    Born in China.
    Mother of two children.
    Studied computer science in China.
    Certified web publisher in Switzerland.
    Founder of the childrens’ playgroup.
    J + S table tennis trainer for children.
    Experienced in organising cultural events and language lessons.

  • Mrs Fan Fan




  • Playgroup leader

    Taiwanese and Chinese origin.
    Studied Chinese.
    Many years of experience in teaching Chinese.


  • Mrs Imhof-Lin Jie


  • Playgroup leader

    Born in Shanghai, China.
    Mother of one child.
    More than 10 years experience as a  teacher.

  • Mrs Yun Xia




  • Playgroup leader

    Born in Fuzhou, Fujian China
    Mother of two children.
    Graduated from pedagogical university of fujians.
    high school teacher.
    Many years of teaching experience.

  • Mister Daniel Küenzi


  • Clerk