• Frau Küenzi Bin

  • Leader

    Born in China.
    Mother of two children.
    Studied computer science in China.
    Certified web publisher in Switzerland.
    Founder of the children’s playgroup.
    J + S table tennis trainer for children.
    Many years active organize of the culture and language of China.

  • Frau Pan, Yu Han

  • Playgroup leader

    Born in Taiwan.
    Married to a Swiss.
    Studied Chinese in Taiwan.
    Experience as a kindergarden teacher in Taiwan.

  • Frau Imhof-Lin Jie

  • Playgroup leader

    Born in Shanghai, China.
    Mother of one child.
    More than 10 years experience as a  teacher.

  • Frau Märki-Xie Liaoyang

  • Playgroup leader

    Born in GuangXi, China.
    Mother of a child.
    Teaches Chinese and drawing.
    With many years of teaching experience.

  • Mister Daniel Küenzi

  • Clerk