The children learn the Chinese language while playing, from 2 years.

    Our philosophy is learning Chinese-Mandarin through play and in an immersive environment. The children aged of two to six years old play in groups of 10 (maximum).

    • Children can interact with other Chinese speaking children
    • Various enjoyable activities like singing, games, painting and story telling based on Chinese customs and traditions.
    • Children can enjoy learning about Chinese culture.
    • From the age of three years, they will begin to learn reading and writing Chinese characters.

    For children from the age of 2 years

    Every Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30 to 18:00 o’clock

    Daily timetable


    For children to attend after kindergarten hours

    Every Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00 to 18:00 o’clock

    Homemade lunch
    Reading and writing
    Creative time
    Playtime (Outdoors if possible)


    • chinese Language

      Children are learning Chinese -Mandarin through play.

    • chinese kitchen

      Delicious! Chinese Meal.

    • tabletennis

      Sport for Kids.
      we are play tabletennis like big one!

    • Read and write

      After 3 year learn to write and read chinese Charaters..

    • paint

      Learn how to encourage drawing skills, confidence and creativity in your children.

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